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  • ProJect-Proline (4150bar)
  • ProJect-Proline (4150bar)
  • ProJect-Proline (4150bar)

ProJect-Proline (4150bar)


ProJect-Proline (4150bar)

Proline Pump

The Proline model includes a series of waterjet high pressure pumps ranging from 30 to 100 hp and can be customized with SL IV, SL IV+, SL V, or SL V+ intensifier. The Proline Series is based on industry standard, especially for waterjet cutting .

components such as Siemens soft start, Siemens PLC, and an operator panel from Siemens.

Further, Proline offers complete interchange ability with the KMT product range.

Main Benefits:

80% energy savings in idle mode compared to a standard pump

50% Average energy savings (Normal operation of pump)

Lower noise level. 50 hp Proline pump with Sytronix: 61dB in idle mode 71 dB in 75% load and 73 dB in 100% load (Standard pump 90 dB)

Longer life due to lower average motor speed

50% less cooling demand (Normal operation of pump)

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